Hi there! I’m Kris, and I’ve been scrapping for almost 14 years. I work as a professional paper arts designer and have been on many design teams and worked for many companies over the past 12 years. I love to share my designs and you will see many home decor, cards and layouts here. I mostly don’t give step by step instructions, and do try to tell what manufacturers I have been using. I work for Cricut Circle, The Official Cricut Blog, Cricut Magazine and Glue Arts. Layouts aren’t the easiest thing for me, but mini albums are the hardest. Cards to me are the easiest things to create, so I have an abundance of them.

I am also a good cook. I like good food, I love to serve my family a nice meal that they enjoy. So many of my facebook friends have told me that they enjoy my recipes, I decided that I would start sharing them here.

I guess I could put up a disclaimer. I am not perfect, I will sometimes forget to tell you ingredients, or don’t get great pics ( but I’ll try). I cook what we like as a family. My hubby and kids have occasions I must twist their arms ( not LITERALLY!) to eat veggies. I use cream, and butter and salt and canned food. I am a homemaker, not a professional. I love garlic!  I use it a lot. I will not be holding hands here and showing you a whole photo of the ingredients I will be using. I create on the fly and I cook on the fly. If it sounds like it would help the recipe, I add it. I assume that you know how to chop and cut and slice, I will tell you to do that, but again, I will not be creating step by step recipes.I mostly don’t use measuring spoons, so I estimate so you can feel secure to add a tablespoon when I add one, not a teaspoon.

I am sharing, because I know how clueless I sometimes feel when it comes to fixing dinner. It’s important to me to make dinner for my family. I assume it’s important for you as well. I love cooking, sometimes. I also get very sick of having the same meals over and over, so I try new things. I will share them when they are successful, and I will try my best to give you tips and hints when it could be improved.

Are you ready for all of this? 😉


Ok- let’s rock!


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  1. yay for another crafty wordpersser – there are not many of us out there :-)! I love your ribbon! I just found it recently through another blogger that really showcased your ribbon so well (Quick Chick Designs). I am thrilled you have a blog and can’t wait to check out your recipes since I am a foodie as well!

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